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Entrepreneur Club

Fine Arts Club

Tourism Club

Film Club

Heritage Club

First Aid Club

Music Club

Creative Writing Club

Dance Club

Nature Club

Civil Service Club

Theatre Club

Science Forum

Debate Club

Quiz Club



Entrepreneur Club

Dr.Anitha M N Assistant Professor Commerce 
Dr.Neena T S Assistant Professor Philosophy  


Fine Arts Club

 Smt.Anoopa C.R. Assistant Professor English    
Smt.Juliya David Assistant Professor Malayalam        
Smt.Bushara T Assistant Professor Music        
Dr.E S Rasheed    Assistant Professor Malayalam 
Dr.Lalimol Varghese Assistant Professor Hindi 
Dr.Rekha S Assistant Professor    Physics 

As per the order no: B5/662/2019 dated: 17/08/2019, the Fine Arts Club for the academic year 2019-20 was constituted with Anoopa C. R., Department of English as the convenor, Julia David, Department of  Malayalam and Rekha S, Department of Physics as members.

A meeting of the members of the club was convened on 23.01.2020 and decisions were taken regarding the action plan for the year. A WhatsApp group was created for further communication.

The club decided to do practice sessions to prepare for the youth festival. A proposal was submitted for a training programme with a budget of Rs. 20,000. The college sanctioned the amount and the training programme was conducted for four days in the college auditorium. Each day was allotted for each category – painting, cartooning, clay modelling and collage. Renowned resource persons from the Department of Fine Arts, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady extended their guidance.


Training and advice from experts immensely helped the students and the college bagged several prizes in the Fine Arts section.


The following are the winners:

  • On-the-spot painting: 1st prize –  Anupama P. L. (I B.A History)
  • Poster designing: 1st prize – Haritha N. Swami (III B.A Sanskrit)
  • Cartoon: 3rd prize – Haritha N. Swami (III B.A Sanskrit)
  • Collage: A grade – Gokul T. S. (II B.Sc Physics)



Owing to the unfortunate pandemic situation the club activities are moving in a slow pace in the year 2020-2021.

Tourism Club

Dr. Saji R. Kurup Assistant Professor Hindi    
Satish Chandra Bose Assistant Professor    Politics    
Georgekutty Assistant Professor    Economics 
Jiss Mary Jose Assistant Professor Maths 
Sandhya Krishnan K.R. Assistant Professor Zoology 

Film Club

Dr.Juliya David    Assistant Professor Malayalam
Dr. Biju K.P. Assistant Professor Philosophy        
Dr. Sabitha S Babu Assistant Professor English 
Dr. Sumy Joy Oliapuram    Assistant Professor Malayalam 

Heritage Club

Dr. Vinodkumar Kallolickal Assistant Professor History    
Dr. Rekha Karim    Assistant Professor English
Smt.Shanti Vasudevan Assistant Professor Botany
Sri. Shanmughan C M Assistant Professor History
Dr. M.S. Sheeba    Assistant Professor Sanskrit
Dr. Reenakumari V.L. Assistant Professor Hindi
Dr. Anitha M R    Assistant Professor Chemistry
Dr.Abdul Saleem M Assistant Professor Arabic
Dr.Dipu P K Assistant Professor    History    Member    

First Aid Club

Smt.Anitha  Abraham Assistant Professor Zoology    
Dr.Betty P.S. Assistant Professor Sanskrit
Sri.Dipu P.K. Assistant Professor History
Smt. Sheeja O. Assistant Professor Islamic History
Smt.Mary Ushes James    Assistant Professor    Economics    Member    

Music Club

Music club is a platform for students to express their talent in the field of music The club promotes students to highlight their skill and to achieve excellence in music. Students with a taste in music join the music club and develop their talents in the same, practice and perform in the various opportunities available to them. Students can use this club to learn music or use it to improve their knowledge about music. Apart from the strict academic framework, the Music club gives a great relaxation for students. The club provides a stages for students to showcase their own composition and develop in them confidence, the skill of leadership, equipping them to perform as a team for competitions and other stage performances. Music club will sure be a blessing for all the music loving student.
Music Club , Maharajas College organised Rajageetham on 25/02/20 at “Arangu’ The program was inaugurated by Sri. Alphones Joseph ( Music Composer,Playback Singer)
    It was a wonderful day for Maharajas ,Sri Alphones Joseph performed two of his beautiful composition for our students .This was followed by the performances of our students , active participation of the students made the program a great success

Dr. Sreeranjini K.A Assistant Professor Music
Dr. Divya T Assistant Professor    History
Smt. Bushara T Assistant Professor Music
Smt.Limna Assistant Professor English
Dr.Merlymol Joseph Assistant Professor Statistics

Creative Writing Club



To empower the students to nurture their creative potential and enable them to achieve their goal of becoming creative writers



To cultivate a welcoming group of creative writers to a platform where they can raise their creative and artistic sensibilities confidently and hone their craft and imagination to accomplish their goal



  • To foster a congenial atmosphere for accentuating the creative abilities among the students
  • To promote a creative camaraderie among the students supporting and motivating mutually
  • To raise a community sharing creative acumen on the same platform
  • To help aspiring writers refine their craftsmanship and enable inspired writers to exhibit their works
  • To provide opportunities to have interface with eminent and accomplished writers


Smt.Reena Nair Assistant Professor English
Dr. Binod Babu Assistant Professor Hindi
Dr. Mathew T.M.    Assistant Professor Malayalam
Dr. P.P. Ramesh    Assistant Professor Sanskrit
Dr. Hamza K. Assistant Professor Arabic
Smt.Minnu Fathima Assistant Professor English

Dance Club

Dr. Julie Chandra Assistant Professor Chemistry
Dr. Reenakumari V.L. Assistant Professor Hindi    
Dr. Neena George Assistant Professor Chemistry
Dr.Sreeranjini K A Assistant Professor Music


Nature Club

Dr.Kavitha R Assistant Professor Botany    

Dr.Dhanya S Panicker Assistant Professor Malayalam 
Smt.Prajini Prakash Assistant Professor    Sanskrit
Smt.Jiss Mary James Assistant Professor Botany
Dr.Preetha B Menon Assistant Professor Commerce


Theatre Club

Dr. Sumi Joy Oliapuram Assistant Professor Malayalam
Sri.Saneesh P.M. Assistant Professor Philosophy
Dr. Sindhu T.S. Assistant Professor Sanskrit
Smt.Limna Assistant Professor English
Dr. Abdul Saleem M. Assistant Professor Arabic


Debate Club


“I may disagree with you, but I defend to the death your right to say it” 

                                                         18th Century French Philosopher Voltaire                                    



Society with egalitarian ethos, where freedom of speech and liberty of expression is preserved and voice of dissent tolerated



Preserve Freedom of Expression

Promote values of open society

 Create a rational society with a spirit of Critical inquiry and reason



  • To create awareness among the students on issues and concerns haunting the world around them
  • Inculcate Values of Open society among the students
  • Promote Spirit of Critical enquiry, Reason and Rationality among the students
  • Improve communication skills of the students and promote their mastery over tongue
  • Train the students for Debate and Elocution competitions and enhance their capabilities to meet the challenges from their opponents


Organizational Structure

President-Special Grade Principal,Maharaja’s College

Coordinator-A Faculty appointed by the Special Grade Principal

Faculty Members- Five Faculty members

 One Student Convenor- Nominated by Debate club Faculty Coordinator

Two Joint Convenors-Nominated by Debate club Faculty Coordinator

Three Student Committee Members- Nominated by Debate club Faculty Coordinator with adequate representation from SC,ST,Differently abled and Transgender communities.

Tenure of Faculty coordinator and committee will be an Academic Year

Whats app group was created for the effective use of Social Media. Three of the Faculty committee members will serve as Group Admins

Who can become Member of Debate Club?

Any Student of Maharaja’s College who is willing to obey the rules of Debate club can become its Member


  • Conducting Inter Departmental Debate competitions
  • Participation of Students in Inter Collegiate Debate competitions
  • Conducting English,Malayalam,Hindi Elocution Competitions at College level
  • Participation of Students in Inter Collegiate Elocution competitions
  • Organizing Seminars and talks on Topics of Contemporary relevance
  • Creation of Official Debate club Whats app group and Face book page to promote its activities through social media


  Debate Club Coordinator

      Sri. Omal Aloysius , Assistant Professor of History

                Faculty Members

Dr.Reem S,Assistant Professor of English

Dr.Sailaja K,Assistant Professor of Hindi

Sri.Antony Dawson D Silva,Assistant Professor of Political Science

Dr.Zeena P Hamza,Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Sri.Bijesh V Jose,Assistant Professor of English

Student Committee Members

Student Convenor-Bhadra Poornima Rajesh

Joint Convenors-Vighnesh Menon

                               Abhinov Shyju

Committee Members

                          Mohammed Yaseen


                            Rakesh Raj

                             Manu Madhavan


                               Shana Navas       

Civil Service Club

Co ordinator
Sri. Nobel P.S.    Assistant Professor Philosophy
Sri. Omal Alosius Assistant Professor History    
Smt. Geetha P.C. Assistant Professor History
Dr.Bismi G Nath    Assistant Professor Statistics
Smt.Rajna C V Assistant Professor English
Sri.George kutty C Assistant Professor Economics
Smt. Deepthi T. Divakaran Assistant Professor English
Sri. Feroz Khan    Assistant Professor Politics 


Science Forum    

Dr. Neena George Assistant Professor Chemistry
Smt. Anitha Abraham Assistant Professor Zoology
Dr. Priya P Menon Assistant Professor Statistics
Sri.Prasad K.A. Assistant Professor Physics
Smt. Thasneem T R Assistant Professor Mathematics
Dr. Anitha M R.    Assistant Professor Chemistry
Smt. Jess Mary James Assistant Professor Botany



Science Forum, Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam

…where Curiosity challenges the Science and Science inspires the Curiosity



To develop awareness of students in environmental issues and increase their participation in the building of a safe, healthy, environmentally vibrant society.



To enhance knowledge about Science through varied and relevant activities and develops interest in the protection and conservation of nature


Objectives of the Science Forum:

1. To provide an appropriate forum to the students of the college to exchange       their views and thought among themselves on Science, Technology and             Environmental issues.

       2. To provide a platform to the students to inculcate their inquisitiveness.

       3. To provide an opportunity for the students to interact with eminent scientists                and environmentalists.

       4. To provide a forum to the students so that through which they can gather                   information on recent developments / trends in research in the different field               of Science & Technology.

       5. To provide scope to the students to involve themselves in science &                             technology related activities.

       6. To provide a platform to make the public aware about the Environmental                     issues.

Organizational Structure:

The organizational structure of Science Forum be as follows-

i. President: Principal of the college.

ii. Convenor: One Teacher nominated by the Principal preferably having Science background.

v. Faculty Members: One teacher from each Science discipline (Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Mathematics, Statistics)

vi. Student members: Students and 2 student representatives from each Science department



1. Popular lecture / discussions / debate etc.

2. Observation of important days (National Science Day, Environment Day, world Ozone Day, Wet land Day, Energy Conservation Day etc.) and conduct of competitions relevant to the focal theme.

3. Science Expo

4. Science Drama Performance

5. Seminar on specific Science & Technology issues.

6. Science Quiz

7. Science Popularisation Programs for School students

8. Extension activities: Awareness programmes to increase the public awareness and understanding of science


Science forum activities during the period 2016-2020

Science Forum Activities 2016-2017

1. Science forum inauguration & talk on social functions of Science

14-December 2016

Science forum of Maharajas College is formulated among the six science departments of the Maharaja's college in order to have common platform for the interaction between the science teachers and science students of different discipline. This forum provides an opportunity for students and teachers to exchange their views and thoughts on Science, Technology and Environmental issues which provides an opportunity for teachers and students to broaden their knowledge in science and to improve their interaction.

The inaugural function of the activities of the Science Forum of Maharaja’s College for the academic year 2016-17 was arranged on 14th December 2016. The registration for the program started at 9.00AM. The program started invocation followed by the welcome address by Smt. Femina K. S, Science Forum Coordinator, Asst. Professor of Chemistry. The inaugural session of the Program was presided over by Dr. George Mathew, Vice Principal, Maharajas College. Prof. P. K. Raveendran, Former Director IRTC& Former Deputy Director of Collegiate Education; inaugurated activities for the Science Forum 2016-2017. Dr. Anitha I, HOD of Chemistry, Dr. Shaji N, HOD of Physics and Sri. Thomas Antony, HOD of Botany felicitated the function.

Followed by the inaugural session there had two technical session. The technical session was chaired by Dr. Shaji N., Head of the department of Physics. Prof P. K. Raveendran delivered talk on” Social functions of science”. During the talk the speaker described the role of science as instrument for social development illustrating the history of scientific discoveries. The influence of science on people’s lives is growing. While recent benefits to humanity are unparalleled in the history of the human species, in some instances the impact has been harmful or the long-term effects give causes for serious concerns. A considerable measure of public mistrust of science and fear of technology exists today. Scientists in their daily work are sometimes isolated from mainstream society, making it difficult for them to be clearly aware of public needs. Society has much to gain by the proactive involvement of scientists in policy making. He mentioned that scientific advances are never, in themselves, a guarantee of social benefit and technology has to be treated as a servant of society, not a master. Prof. P. K Raveendran emphasized the need of doing research and keeping ethics in scientific research. He also emphasized the need of developing scientific attitude and developing Scientific temper among the students and teachers of science for proper understanding and applying science in right context. The talk was very inspiring and informative to make aware the students and teachers about the influential role of science in society

40 teachers and more than 200 students from various departments participated in the program. The participants commented on the usefulness and effectiveness of the seminar during their feedback. The Science Forum Executive member Smt. Santhi Vasudevan, Assistant Professor of Botany proposed vote of thanks and program came to an end by 1.00 PM.

2. Class on “Design your destiny” by Arathy S, Psychologist and JCI National trainer


The Science Forum of Maharaja’s College has organized a motivational programme for students and teachers entitled “Design Your Destiny” by Psychologist and National Level JCI Trainer, Arathy S on 06- 02-2017. The registration for the program started from 1.00FM on 6th February 2O17. The program started at 1.15 pm with invocation followed by the welcome address by Mr. Rejimon P.K., Science Forum executive from chemistry. The program was chaired by Ms. Femina K. S, Science Forum Convenor. There were two technical sessions. In the first session, the psychologist described different aspects of personality and different factors which affects a person’s destiny. According to the speaker a person’s fate is decided by a complex combination of conditions and factors. Some of them are already decided at the time of a person’s birth and some of them come into play later and shape the course further. The Speaker explained how the factors like family environment, heredity, society and peer groups affects the individual’s personality and their aim or destiny. Second session was an interactive and training session. Group and individual activities were provided by the trainer to the participants. She evaluated the individual response and identified the influential factor which formulated the response. The session was highly interactive and interesting.

25 teachers and about 100 students from various departments participated in the program and the participants commented that the class was really motivational and very beneficial to them during their feedback. The participants appreciated the organizing committee for organizing such wonderful program. The Science Forum member Ms. Namitha, II MSc Chemistry student, proposed vote of thanks and program came to an end by 4.45 PM.


Science Forum Activities 2017-2018

1. Ozone Day Celebrations 2017

25th and 26th September 2017

Science Forum of Maharaja’s College observed Ozone day celebrations 2017 on 25th and 26th September 2017. The Programme focused on creating awareness about ozone depletion and the importance of preservation of ozone layer. The programme was conducted under the financial assistance of Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment (KSCSTE).

On the first day, 25th September the programme was inaugurated by Prof. P. K. Raveendran (Chairman, Governing Council, Maharaja’s College). Science forum coordinator, Julie Chandra C.S welcomed the gathering. Principal Dr. Ajitha P. S. presided over the function. Rita Manuel (Vice Principal) and Dr. Vineeth K.M (IQAC Coordinator) felicitated the occasion. Technical session started by 10.30 am. A talk on “Ozone depletion and Montreal protocol” was handled by Prof P. K. Raveendran.

In the second technical session, eight students from various schools were participated in the Elocution competition. Ozone umbrella-Caring for all life under the Sun was given as the topic. Dr Alson Mart (Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department), Thomas (Assistant Professor, Botany Department) and Dr Lakshmy S. (Assistant Professor, English Department) were the judges.

Fourty eight students from various colleges participated in the Poster designing competition held in the afternoon. “Ozone umbrella-caring for all life under the Sun” was given as the topic. Dr Vidya Raman (Assistant professor, Chemistry), Dr Sivakumar (Assistant professor, Physics Department) and Dr Divya (Assistant professor, History ).

Second day (26/09/2017) celebrations started with Power point presentation competition for students of Maharaja’s College. Five students were participated. Dr Ananthapadmanabhan (Associate Professor,Chemistry ) chaired the session.

A procession of Science forum Volunteers and teachers started from the College at 1.30 pm to Marine Drive by holding placards and balloons. A flash mob consisting of 15 students was played inorder to seek the attention of the public and then conveyed the message of the importance and preservation of ozone layer. A skit was presented for the public also.

2. Observance of National Science Day Celebrations 2018

26 and 27th February 2018

Science Forum organized National Science day 2018 celebrations on 26 and 27th February 2018 under the financial assistance of Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment (KSCSTE).

The celebrations were inaugurated on 26/02/2018 by the Prof V. Sankaran, Pro.Vice Chancellor of Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT). Science forum executive member Smt. Jess Mary James welcomed the gathering. Dr. Mohankumar of Rajagiri School of Social Sciences was the chief guest. Science forum coordinator Smt. Julie Chandra C.S. proposed vote of thanks.

The first technical session was handled by Dr. C. Mohankumar on the topic ‘Development of viable technologies for sustainable Future’. An Intercollegiate quiz programme was conducted based on Science in the afternoon. Five teams were selected for the finals.  Team from S. H. College won the first prize.

A poster designing competition was conducted for the students Second Day 27/02/2018 on the topic ‘Science and Technology for Sustainable future’. Science exhibition based on ‘Science and Technology for Sustainable Future’ was conducted in the afternoon. Science forum members presented various working projects.


Science Forum activities 2018-19

1. Ozone Day Celebrations-2018

24th and 25th September 2018

Science Forum of Maharaja’s College conducted Ozone day celebrations 2018 on 24th and 25th September 2018. The Programme focused on creating awareness about ozone depletion and the importance of preservation of ozone layer.

On the first day, 24th September the programme was inaugurated by Prof.Ananthapadmanabhan (Rtd.Prof, Maharaja’s College). Programme coordinator, Dhanya Balakrishnan welcomed the gathering. Sri.Asokan HOD, Dept.of Chemistry presided over the function. Dr Joby Varghese (NAAC Coordinator) felicitated the occasion. Technical session started by 10.15 am. A talk on “Ozone depletion and Montreal protocol “ was handled by Prof Ananthapadmanabhan.

In the second technical session, five students from various schools participated in the Elocution competition. “Keep Cool and Carry on- The Montreal protocol.” was the topic. Dr Ananthapadmanabhan (Rtd. Professor, Chemistry Department), Dr Joseph (Assistant Professor, Malayalam Department) and Dr Lakshmy S (Assistant Professor, English Department) were the judges.

Ten students from various departments of Maharaja’s College participated in the Poster designing competition held in the afternoon. The topic was“Keep Cool and Carry on- The  Montreal protocol. “Judged by Dr Vidya Raman (Assistant professor, Chemistry), Dr Manoj (Assistant professor, Physics Department) and Dr Suja (Assistant professor, English).

Second day (25/09/2018) celebrations started with a Theme demonstration for public performed by student members of Science Forum, Maharaja’s College to create awareness about importance and preservation of ozone layer. The Valedictory function started with the welcome speech of Smt. Julie Chandra, Co-ordinator of Science Forum. The function was presided by the Principal Dr K. N. Krishnakumar and distributed the prizes to the winners.

Science Forum activities 2019-20

Charge of science Forum was transferred from the present convener, Dr. Julie Chandra C. S., Assistant professor, Department of Chemistry, to the new convener- Dr. Neena George, Assistant professor, Department of Chemistry in the month of September 2019. Following members constituted the Science forum 2019-20.

Convener: Dr. Neena George, Asst. Professor, Department of Chemistry


Mr. Prasad K. A., Asst. Professor, Department of Physics

Dr. Vanaja K. A., Asst. Professor, Department of Chemistry

Ms. Anitha Abraham, Asst. Professor, Department of Zoology

Ms. Jess Mary James, Asst. Professor, Department of Botany

Ms. Viji C. B., Asst. Professor, Department of Maths

About 125 students from the various science departments became members of the Science Forum 2019-20. Science Forum successfully conducted various programs during the year 2019-20.

1. Climate Strike 20th September 2019

The September 2019 climate strikes, also known as the Global Week for Future, were a series of international strikes and protests to demand action be taken to address climate change, which took place from 20–27 September. The strikes' key dates were 20 September, which was three days before the United Nations Climate Summit. The protests took place across 4,500 locations in 150 countries. The event is a part of the school strike for climate movement, inspired by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Maharaja’s NSS, NCC and Science forum jointly organized a climate strike on 20th September 2019 which began with welcome address by the principal, Dr. Jayakumar K., followed by the inaugural speech and flag off by the Governing council chairman Prof. P.K. Raveendran. After procession, students and staff participated in the signature campaign and Science forum students performed a theme dance on the ‘need for protecting nature’.

2. Science Forum Inauguration and Science Exhibition “ IYPT Expo -Mendelevium”

Maharaja’s college Science forum and its activities were formally inaugurated by Prof. Rani Joseph, Emeritus Professor, Polymer Science and rubber technology, Cochin University of Science and technology on 06-12-2019. The science forum provides a platform for students to inculcate scientific temper and inquisitiveness. It also gives an opportunity to students to interact with eminent personalities in scientific fields, exchange views and discuss the current developments in scientific and technological fields. During the inauguration Prof Rani Joseph emphasized the need for doing interdisciplinary research. By joining hands with experts in the other fields enable one solve the problem relent to society.  Dr. Neena George, convener of the forum explained the objectives of the forum and its activities. The function was presided by Dr. K. Jayakumar, Principal of the college. Principal addressed the gathering highlighting the importance of the periodic table. He also pointed out that the quest of scientists to know more about the world we live in and the atoms that make up the things around us lead to the periodic table.  Dr. Jayamol K. V., Vice Principal, and Dr. T. Narayanan; retired Chemistry faculty and Chemistry alumni representative, felicitated the forum for the initiatives taken to celebrate the international year of periodic table (IYPT 2019). The inaugural function was concluded by the vote thanks by Dr. Vanaja K. A., coordinator of the programme.

IYPT EXPO-Mendelevium

        The science forum organized the IYPT EXPO-Mendelevium on 6-12-2019. The event is organized to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. The 2019 has been proclaimed the “International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (IYPT2019)” by the United Nations General Assembly and UNESCO. The students of various science departments exhibited charts, models, puzzles, quiz, presentations and working models which was helpful for the visitors to understand the importance of elements in different fields. Zoology museum established in 1874 was open to the visitors on this special occasion which was one of the main attraction of this event. It holds more than 1500 species including rare items like sloth, bear, ostrich, king cobra, lama, different kinds of birds, skeletons of animals and geological collections. The visitors appreciated the period table made by the students using card board boxes which was one of the attractions of the event. About 2000 students and public visited the various stalls of the exhibition and the zoology museum

3. KSEB power quiz

KSEB in association with Maharaja's College Science Forum, conducted POWER QUIZ on 3rd October 2019 in order to create awareness on the importance of ‘Saving power for future’. About 20 students from our college participated for the quiz program.  Sreekuttan P. M. of III BSc. Environmental Chemistry secured first prize and Ajith Kumar of I MSc. analytical chemistry got the second price. Prizes were distributed to the winners by the KSEB authorities.

4. Luca science Quiz

In association with ‘Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad’, Science forum, Maharaja's College Ernakulam, conducted state level science quiz competition final “Luca Science Quiz” on 7th December 2019. This was conducted in connection with 150th anniversary of the periodic table of elements (IYPT 2019).  The following students were awarded the prizes

High School category

1 Rashitha Ramesh (EMSSGHSS, Pappinisseri, Kannur)

2. Atheena S. S. (GHSS, Cotton Hill, Thiruvananthapuram)

3 Ananthan V. (GHSS, Palayamkunnu, Varkala)

Higher secondary category

  • Govind V. Kartha (St. Antony’s H. S. S., Puthukkad)
  • Sana Sithara (GHSS, Cotton Hill, Thiruvananthapuram)
  • Mahadevan A. ( St. Dominic Higher Secondary, Kanjirappally)

College category

1. Daniel K. C. (Engineering College, Kozhikkode)

2. Anagha K. H. (St. Joseph College, Irinjalakkuda)

3. Joyal C. M. (Bharath Matha College, Thrikkakkara)

Mendeleev’s medal and books worth Rs. 5000/-, 4000/-, and 3000/- respectively were given to the winners by Dr. Jayakumar K., the principal of Maharaja's College Ernakulam. The quiz was conducted and monitored by the chemistry Department faculties. KSSP state president Sri. A. P. Muraleedharan and vice president Dr. N Shaji addressed the gathering. All the participants were given a chance to visit Zoology department museum of the college and the science exhibition ‘Mendelevium’ arranged in the college auditorium.

5. Annular solar eclipse and making of Eclipse glass

Maharaja’s College Science Forum in association with Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad has conducted a class on solar eclipse on 19th December 2019 in the chemistry Gallery. The class was meant to give you awareness on the annular solar eclipse on 26th ember 2019. The class was handled by Dr. C. Ramachandran, Scientist (retd.), ISRO, Thiruvananthapuram. Training on the making of special filters called Eclipse glasses was given by Sri. Anoop, KSSP secretary, Ernakulam district. The class was very informative and helped in understanding the theory of solar eclipse and myths and facts related to it and elaborated on different safe modes of watching the eclipse.

6. URJAKIRAN-Energy conservation awareness campaign

Energy Management Center Kerala (EMC) is the state designated agency to coordinate various programs with the aim of improving energy efficiency in the state and has initiated ‘Urjakiran’, Energy conservation awareness campaign. Centre for environment and development (CED) is the resource agency for coordinating the activities of URJAKIRAN. The objective of URJAKIRAN is to create awareness among the general public and equip them for efficient management of all forms of energy to promote energy efficiency and energy conservation and to develop new sources of energy as well as novel energy technologies with a view to increase the production and facilitate the use of energy on a sustainable basis.

Proposal seeking financial assistance to conduct URJAKIRAN 2019-20 was sanctioned by EMC. The program of this year was intended to conduct awareness programs in government offices and public sector undertakings and equip the employees in practicing energy conservation and management tips in the working places as well as in their homes.

Three programs were conducted by the Maharaja's college Science forum .Under this scheme first campaign was organized in Njarakkal grama panchayat office on 16th January 2020. About 31 employees from the Njarakkal panchayat office, Primary Health Centre and Public Library participated in the program. The program was inaugurated by the Njarakkal Panjayath secretary three Dimitrov. EMC resource person and Maharaja's College Science Forum convener, Dr. Neena George handled class on the topic ‘Energy Efficiency and conservation’ and made them aware of the different projects of EMC in this regard. The program was successful with active participation of the members present. The program ended with vote of thanks by the panchayat president.

Second campaign was done at Eloor municipality office on 27th January 2020 during lunch break. The class was handled by Dr. Neena George, Science forum convener and assistant professor in chemistry, Maharaja's College, Ernakulam. Municipal chairperson Smt. C. P. Usha and secretary Sri. Subash P. K addressed the gathering. About 30 office staff participated in the program.

Third and final program has been conducted for the CUSAT employees on14th, February 2020 during lunch break. About 54 employees participated in the campaign. The function was inaugurated by Dr. Ajitha K., Registrar, CUSAT and presided by Dr. Sabu T., CED program director. Resource person Sri. Sreekumar Nedumbassery, Smart energy program coordinator, Ernakulam Dist. Has taken the awareness class. Dr. Neena George and Sri. Sinesh A. S. , CUSAT Employees Association secretary addressed the gathering.

All the programs under URJAKIRAN were effective and very useful for the public in invoking the awareness on the importance of conserving energy and to use efficiently for better future. The campaign for the government employees paved the way for conducting outreach program by the science forum and helped in creating a bond between the college and society.


7. Science Day Celebration


       National Science day was jointly celebrated by the Maharaja’s College Science Forum and Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad on 28th February 2020. The special event of the day was the G. N. Memorial Lecture on the topic “Impact of Genomic Revolution on Health Sciences” by Dr. B. Ekbal, State Planning Board member. The speaker elaborated on the Genomics revolution, highlighted by the sequencing of the human genome, and explained how it promises to change, how diseases are diagnosed, prevented, and treated. It has tremendous potential to improve health globally. He mentioned the major women contributors in the field of scientific research and medicine. Elocution competition was conducted for the college students based on the theme and the winners were given cash prizes. The program came to an end with the vote of thanks proposed by Mr. Shahasad K.K. of II BSc. Chemistry.

Winners of the Elocution competition

Theme: Women in Science


1st Prize (Cash Prize-Rs. 1500/-)

Lakshmipriya C. R, III BSc Chemistry

2nd Prize (Cash Prize-Rs. 500/- each)

1. Sneha Gopinath, I MSc Botany    

2. Amith Kumar M. I MSc Physics