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The college has General Library and Department Libraries having a collection of more than one lakh books and a good number of periodicals and journals. The college library is the major resource for information. Its primary function is to deliver information services and resources to its user community. The library follows Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) and is automated with Book Magic and KOHA software respectively since 2012. Library offers access to INFLIBNET N-LIST programme, which is a vast repository of online journals and e-books.

The college library means

      -General Library

      -Language and Research Center Library

      -Department Libraries

The General Library and department libraries are subdivided into

    - Lending Section

    -Reference Section

Working Hours

The General Library will be open from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm on all working days. The schedule of department libraries will be arranged by the head of the department or the teachers who is in charge of the department libraries.


     Students, staff members and research scholars of the college are eligible to become the members of the library. Without the membership, no one can borrow books from the library. Fine will be levied for the delayed return of books. Members are expected to make the maximum use of library provided by the college. Reference service is provided to research scholars and academicians from outside the college on request.

All members are expected to adhere to the rules of the library, without fail. 




Dr. Sherin Yohannan




Smt.Haseena T.A. –MLISc, UGC NET. (Librarian Gr.IV)  


Library Attenders

1. Sri.Mohammed Zakkariya K.M.

2. Sri.Binoy C.

3. Sri.Vinod K.M.

4. Sri.Antony George



All books and journals should be returned on or before the due date.

  • Books will be renewed only if there is non reservation for it.
  • Books should be physically produced before the counter for renewal.
  • The reservation book must be collected within seven days of the receipt of the intimation, failing which the reservation is deemed to be cancelled.
  • Members are requested to place their belongings at the property counter at the entrance.
  • Members are required to bring their Library Identity Cards to enter the library and also to produce the same to the library staff as and when asked for.
  • Library books and belonging except the book for return is not permitted to be brought inside the library, however laptops, notebooks and plain paper be permitted for taking notes and references.
  • The Library Staffs have the right to request a user to leave the premise if he/she is found to be violating any of the rules.
  • The Library will not accept responsibility for the loss and misplace of books.
  • Books of reference illustrated and rare books, special books and collections shall not be lent out.
  • Un-catalogued and unnumbered books, current number of the periodicals etc.shall not be issued to any student or member of the staff.
  • Borrowers are responsible for loss and damage of the book taken out on loan or consultation by them.  They are strictly prohibited from marking or writing of remarks etc., tearing of the pages, pictures etc.and if found guilty will be dealt with seriously.
  • If any book is lost or damaged or mutilated the borrower shall be required to replace the book with fine.
  • If a book belonging to a set or series is lost and new volume is not separately available, the borrower shall be required to replace the whole set or series.
  • Before leaving the counter, borrower shall examine the book taken by him/her and point out any mutilation or defect etc. noted in the book and initialled by him, otherwise the borrower will be held responsible for any damage or mutilation observed at the time of return.
  • Any book can be recalled at any time by the Librarian even if the period of loan has not expired.       
  • Use of the computer terminals for the purpose like e-mailing, chatting and other personal services is not permitted.
  • Users should ensure that any copying of material done in library photocopier machine is carried out in compliance with current copyright act, and ensure that any material obtained is required solely for their own use for non commercial research or private study and they will not supply a copy to another person.
  • All arrears of library fines due shall be paid by the students before they receive their hall tickets for examination at the termination of their academic course, or before they receive the transfer certificate if they leave before completion of the academic course.  Only on production of the no due certificate from the Librarian, the hall ticket will be issued.
  • The Library Advisory Committee may amend the Library Rules and Regulations as and when required.


  • Strict silence shall be maintained in the library
  • Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the library.
  • Bottles of ink, correction fluid and potentially damaging substances, cameras etc are not permitted in the library.
  • Smoking, consumption of drinks and food items are not permitted.
  • On leaving the library all users are required to produce the books and other items taken from the library for inspection.
  • Users must be decently dressed and conduct themselves properly in the library.


                  If the Library Identity Cards is lost duplicate ID card will be issued on paying Rs.25/- as penal cost.

 Penal cost for Book Loss

                  As per Govt.Rule, the penal cost for loss of books is as follows.

                        Book published prior to 1946            ----------   10 times of the actual cost

                        Book published from 1946-1970       ----------- 6 times of the actual cost

                        Book published after 1970                ----------   3 times of the actual cost