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Notice - Revaluation IV Sem UG Examination 2021 2019 Admission

IV Sem PG Examinations 2021,  Re - exam : Covid Related

II Sem UG/PG Examinations rescheduled 

Notice - Revaluation IV Sem UG Examination 2021

Notice for VI sem Ug and IV sem PG students regarding the final verification and correction of personal details

NOTICE - SAY Examination V and VI Sem UG 2018 Admission

NOTICE - SAY Examination V and VI Sem UG 2018 Admission

NOTICE - Re-valuation IV UG and VI PG Examination August 2021

Notice - I Sem UG/PG Examination August 2021

Instructions regarding online fee payment

IV SEM UG Examinations Julyt 2021 rescheduled

Click Here for Notice 2020 Adm UG PG IISEM exam fee payment

Click Here for Notice  I SEM PG Archaeology exam fee payment

Inviting applications to add grace marks - final year UG/PG

1st SEM PG Examinations Archaeology and Geology

1st sem UG pg examination August 2021 announced

2nd sem UG PG examination September 2021 announced

ug pg exams on 2-7-2021 and 3-7-2021 rescheduled

1st sem PG geology 2020 admission exam fee payment regarding

2nd sem PG supply fee payment regarding

2nd sem UG supply fee payment regarding



NOTICE - Challenge valuation III UG Examination Jan/Feb 2021

NOTICE - IV SEM UG Examinations JULY 2021 

NOTICE - Off Campus Examination Centres

Click Here for list of students who opted for off campus examination centres


NOTICE - VI UG and IV PGExaminations June 2021 Rescheduled

NOTICE - Applications invited to add grace marks from 2018 admission UG and 2019 admission PG students

UG/PG Examination 2021- Challenge valuation


UG/PG (Improvement/Supplementary/Regular) Examination APRIL/MAY 2021



Application invited for online fees payment for IV and VI sem UG and IV Sem PG examination

Application invited for intenal redo

UG 2018 adm (II year) grace mark published 

4th UG supplementary examination application invited

6th sem UG and 4th PG supplementary examination application invited 

Exam scheduled on 8/2/2021 FN (III sem UG regu /imp/supply) postponed to 22/02/2021 FN..

Exam scheduled on 8/2/2021 AN (III sem PG regu /imp/supply) postponed to 09/02/2021 AN.. No change in any other exams

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