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Zoology Museum

The museum started in 1874 by Sir Sealy (The first Pricipal of the college) who was also an eminent entomologist. Later, Sri. B.R.Raphael was sent to Madras Presidency College to get expert training in taxidermy. With the concerted action of the teachers and Sri. B.R.Raphael, the museum soon became a place of regular visit by delegates from many places. It got recognized and listed as one among the fifty international museums of the world and is catalogued by Saur Verlag Gumb and Company, Germany. The collection includes many specimens from isolated pockets of the world, which were brought by the special effort of Prof. Sealy. Many of them are representatives of animals which are extinct today. The museum consisting of more than 1500 different specimens which belong to smaller invertebrates to very big vertebrates – aquatic, terrestrial and aerial - is really amazing and is a curious assemblage and a treasure of knowledge to anyone interested.