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           Since the academic year 2014-15 Maharaja’s has been an autonomous educational institution—the first and the only one of its kind in government sector in Kerala. Accordingly, the college now carries out independent admission schedule to undergraduate and postgraduate programs by adhering to the broad norms laid down by Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU), the government of Kerala and on the basis of constitutionally defined merit. The system ensures that students from all social strata receive equitable treatment in pursuing higher education and achieving the potential for overall development. In addition, a certain percentage of seats are reserved for those who excel sports and cultural activities.


           While autonomy has expedited the speed of admission and enhanced efficacy in the conduct of examinations including timely publication of results, it is in the academic realm as such that it has produced the most demonstrable and quantifiable results. Now each department enjoys the right and freedom to define their own curricular objectives and to frame appropriate syllabi, the only limiting condition being structure parity with MGU.  So a teacher, generally speaking, gets the opportunity to offer courses in his/her area of expertise and authority.  This flexibility ensure the student the get in terms of exposure, materials and guidance for progression. In order to facilitate the smooth implementation of autonomy the college has a well-staffed office of the controller of examinations, who is a senior teacher formally appointed by the Government of Kerala.