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Policies and procedures


the optimal utilisation and effective maintence of facilities 

The college has a comprehensive and inclusive code of procedure and policy position for the optimal utilization and effective maintenance of facilities such as laboratories, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms, auditoria, seminar halls and intellectual resources offered by the 182strong teaching faculty as well as services offered by the administrative office. While laboratories, library and computers (including the internet) are primarily meant for students, teachers and nonteaching staff of the college, the first two can be accessed by external researchers, enthusiasts and general public after obtaining the prior written permission of the principal. In the case of research scholars from other universities, colleges and institutions a letter of recommendation duly signed by the research supervisor or the head of the institution/department is mandatory. The sports complex which includes a state of the art synthetic track and a health fitness centre is widely used for the conduct of various sport events and athletic meets at state and national levels. Nearby sports academies and aspiring athletes regularly make use of the wide spectrum of facilities and amenities offered by the college.  In addition, there is regular coaching for taekwondo and fitness training for candidates trying to join armed forces and police.  There is an internal committee, headed by the principal and comprising members from the teaching staff, to monitor and ensure transparency and safety in matters relating to the sports complex. The college has one auditorium, four seminar halls and three gallery classrooms with permanent power, acoustic systems, projection facilities and extensive seating capacity. The auditorium is rented to public organizations, strictly following the terms and conditions laid out by the college. Other spaces are meant for the departments and internal organizations to conduct academic/cultural programs. The department/organization which needs a space has to book the same well in advance with the principal through a written request or with the person designated by him/her. There is a room allotment committee headed by a senior teacher which ensures fair and equitable distribution of classroom. Smart classrooms are used by a batch after getting permission from the head of the department concerned.