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Public Intellectual


Dr T K Ramachandran


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Dr T K Ramachandran (1949-2008) was a centre figure in the cultural circle of the state and was the patron of a movement called Secular Collective. An ardent revolutionary of the late 1970s, he was a classic example of a genuine Marxian ideologist, wedded to the cause of proletarianism and humanity. He fought the religious chauvinists and communalism and was a staunch opponent of the move of saffronisation. TK, as he was known, took a very bold stand to support many causes for secular and cultural freedom including the challenging times after the Gujarat riots. He was in the forefront of protests when Anand Patwardhan’s documentary film ‘Ram Ke Naam’ was banned from screening in Malappuram district.

This Marxian theoretician was never a member of any mainstream communist party and  he considered himself as a student of Marxism till his end. TK got interested in Marxism as an idea because he schooled himself in the works of Marx, Engels and Lenin in his youth and then to  Mao Zedong’s works.

Later, he introduced the thinkers of Frankfurt School especially Wilhem Reich and Theodore Adorno to Malayalis who are now familiar with the works of European masters. Along with insights and the works of these masters he weaved a methodology of cultural criticism in the cultural arena of the state to criticise literature, Cinema and popular art.

The well-known social and literary activist was also a prolific writer, endearing teacher, loving colleague and above all a good friend and magnificent person with humane qualities. There are 11 books authored by him.



Prof. Narayanan M.V

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Prof. Mundoli Narayanan teaches at the University of Calicut, in the Department of English, School of Languages, and is currently a Fellow at Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. He has a PhD from the University of Exeter, UK, and previously he has also taught at the University of Sharjah and Miyazaki International University, Japan. Prof. Narayanan’s major areas of research are Cultural Studies, Popular Culture, Theatre & Performance Studies, and traditional Indian Theatre. His articles have appeared in TDR, Comparative Culture, edited anthologies such as Dance Matters (Routledge), Patronage, Spectacle and the Stage (IFTR), Quest of a Discipline: New Academic Directions for Comparative Literature(Cambridge) and a number of Indian journals. He has also published two books in Malayalam, Ormayute Ulbhavam and Itam, Avatharanam, Kazchavazhikal. He has been on the curatorial committees of the International Theatre Festival of Kerala and the Ekaharya Solo Theatre Festival and has done extensive documentation of Kathakali and Kutiyattam in association with UNESCO, CDiT, VEDIKA, and the Centre for the Documentation of Performing Arts, Killimangalam. He has presented many papers in national and international conferences and has lectured extensively in the country and abroad.



Anu Sivaraman

Deion: Anu Sivaraman | ENTRANCEINDIA


Anu Sivaraman (born on 25 May 1966) is the judge of Kerala High Court. Sivaraman completed her schooling from St.Teresa's Convent Girls High School, joined for graduation in English Literature at St. Teresa's College and completed from Maharaja's College, Ernakulam, completed Diploma in Journalism from Kerala Press Academy in 1987 and obtained a law degree from Government Law College, Ernakulam.

Sivaraman enrolled as an Advocate in 1991. During her practice, she served as Standing Counsel for the Corporation of Cochin from 2001 to 2010, Senior Government Pleader from January 2007 and Special Government Pleader (Co-operation) during 2010-2011. On 10 April 2015 she was appointed as additional judge of Kerala High Court and became permanent from 5 April 2017.


News Media

Unni Rajen Shanker


Deion: Unni Rajen Shanker | The Indian Express

Unni Rajen Shanker is the editor of The Indian Express.


Anil Gopal Nair

Deion: Anil Nair


Anil Nair has been a journalist since 1989 and works for The Times of India in Kochi. He has survived in various formats, from a Sunday broadsheet and our daily beast (s) to online upstarts and a boutique tabloid .

Rajaram Sukumar

Deion: Rajaram Sukumar - Academia.edu


The author is a Delhi-based senior journalist who was earlier worked in AIR, Doordarshan and presently Executive Editor, Careers 360, New Delhi.


Bonnie james

Deion: Bonnie James (@bonnieqatar) | Twitter


Bonnie James is the News Editor of Gulf Times. He has mainstream media experience of more than 27 years. Environment, wildlife, science and technology, and photography and graphy are among his specialties. He has visited many destinations, including the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador.


Sanjay Mohan

Deion: https://images.malayalam.indianexpress.com/2016/10/sanjay-mohan-150x150.jpg


Sanjay Mohan is an editor, iemalayalam.com and based out of Kochi, Kerala.

Film and TV

Jude Attipetty

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Jude Attipetty is an Indian director of Malayalam cinema and television. He is the head of programs at Mazhavil Manorama and is the director of award-winning tele-series such as Sararanthal and Mikhayelinte Santhathikal. He has also received the Kerala State Television Award for direction for his series, Avasthantharangal.


Joshua Newton

Deion: Joshua Newton

Joshua Newton (born 1969 in Kerala, India) is a contemplative writer based in India and the author of creative nonfiction and stories and an acclaimed screenwriter and a former journalist.

Joshua Newton (also mentioned as Joshua Newtonn in some places) is an international award-winning contemplative writer based in India. Two of his screenplays, Ritu and Offseason (Kerala Cafe) were made into films by the national award-winning filmmaker Shyamaprasad in India (former in Malayalam and Telugu and latter in Malayalam).

His non-fiction and journalism have appeared in over 60 publications around the world. His first book of creative nonfiction, The Book of People: Ten Life Reports From India explores lives of ten 'ordinary' Indians in the grand tradition of Joseph Mitchell and John McPhee.

His new book 'Soul Biscuits: Tiny Bites For Truthful Living' was recently published on Amazon by Bodhy Press.


Harikrishnan S


Deion: Harikrishnan Net Worth, Height, Age, Affairs, Bio and More 2020 | The  Personage


Harikrishnan S. is an Indian film actor and a classical dancer who appears in Malayalam cinema. He made his debut in the 2010 film Malarvaadi Arts Club directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan, a commercial success after which he was cast in more films. Some of his notable roles were in Chattakkari, Ohm Shanthi Oshaana, Monayi Angane Aanayi, Aadu Series and Anjam Pathira.



Anita Menon


Deion: Anita Menon | Artist | Smart Lady | Ladies Hour | Kaumudy TV - YouTube



Anita Menon is a well-known artist.



Lekha Narayanan


Deion: Lekha Narayanan poses during an art event, held in Kochi.



Lekha Narayanan is a very popular painter who does many national and international painting exhibitions.



Anju Joseph


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Anju Joseph is a playback singer in Malayalam Film Industry. She started her career as a playback singer in Malayalam movie Doctor Love in 2011.

Anju Joseph was one among the contestants of Asianet Idea Star Singer Season 4 and she became the third runner up of the show. She did her schooling in St. Joseph's Public School and St.Antony's Public School Kanjirappally and completed her degree in English Literature at St. Teresa's College Ernakulam. She also got a Masters in the same from Maharaja's College Ernakulam. She is married to Anoop John.



Naveen Anthrapper


Deion: Mumbai based Naveen J Anthraper wins World Talent Award | Radioandmusic.com



Naveen Anthraper’s first Malayalam song Ninakkathen is creating waves. He has gained acclaim in and outside Kerala for his English songs.The singer-composer-guitarist who gained international acclaim with his music Lonely I’m Crying has released the music Ninakkathen the English version of which is Brand New Face. And both these versions have gone viral, standing out for its sensitive lyrics, energetic music and Naveen’s magnetic singing.