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The institution envisages an academic ambience where students from diverse backgrounds engage in a holistic process of education and embrace the pinnacle of success with great ease. Upholding this vision, the college indulges in a rigorous system of mentoring termed Walk with a Scholar (WWS) which caters to the needs of students displaying great flair for academic mobility and authentic research. In this scheme, a few students, with high intellectual curiosity, are selected from each class and are entrusted to an internal mentor/faculty who constantly assists them to explore the wider realms of education. They are also exposed to a larger number of external mentors drawn from different domains and professions who are invited to deliver talks on their areas of expertise aiding the students to decipher the wide scope of their respective disciplines. The internal mentor focuses on the intellectual-cum-academic development of his/her wards by organizing brainstorming sessions, field visits to renowned universities/institutions, interaction with luminaries and so on. Students are also guided to correctly and meaningfully decipher and explore areas which can be their crucial concern to embark on research in the future. Simultaneously these students maintain a less personal but more academic relation with the external mentors. The students’ frequent interaction with external mentors benefit them enormously as they perceive and elicit the success mantra directly from the academic professionals. In addition, such discussions are mutually enriching. External mentors, with their vast and varied, first-hand knowledge of their domain—industry, communication, social engineering, activism, ecological concerns, planning, pedagogy, stress management—thus instil precious values and sensibilities among the students impelling them to amass strength to confront the umpteen challenges of the educational scenario in the global context .



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