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NCC, National Cadet Corps is a tri-services organization comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force wings engaged in grooming the youth of the country into disciplined and patriotic citizens. NCC in Maharaja's College has a legacy of several decades. Relying on the moto'Unity and Discipline', NCC helps to nurture discipline, character, brotherhood, the spirit of adventure and comradeship among the cadets. It offers basic military training including weapon training, parades etc. to the cadets. In every year there is a good representation from our college to the distinguished programmes such as Republic Day Parade (RD) and Youth Exchange Programme (YEP).  NCC takes initiatives of several outreach programmes to express their social commitment. The NCC activities of all the wings are being  co ordinated by the ANO's of the respective wing.



 Army Wing    -    Lt.  Ajmal P A 

 Navy Wing       -    S.Lt.  Alson Mart

 Air Force Wing    -    Flg. Offr. Sajeev K F


Annual Reports 2022-23

Report Air wing

Report Army Wing

Report Navel wing