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1. Webinars

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Archaeological Trails (Webinar Series from 11th February to 4th July 2021)

1. The Place of Madras School of Orientalism in Indological Studies

Padmashri K Padayya (Emeritus Professor and former Director, Department of  Archaeology, Deccan    College Pune

11th February, 2021

2.Understanding New Perspectives of Harappan Civilization and the role of Dholavira, Gujarat


V N Prabhakar (Associate Professor of Archaeology, Indian Institute of  Technology, Gandhinagar)

20th February, 2021

3.The Evolution of a Port, Trading System and Urban Culture: A case study of Kollam Port Kerala


Vinuraj B (Assistant Archaeologist, Archaeological Survey of India)


6th March, 2021

4.. Reading Temples of Early Medieval Kerala: Architectural and Iconographical Features




Dr. Arya Nair

3rd April, 2021

5. What Fish Bones Speak about Harappan Food Ways?


Dr. Abhayan G S    (Assistant Professor, Department of Archaeology, University of Kerala)

18th April, 2021

6.Archaeology of Early Tamil Sangam Literature: Recent Perspectives

Dr. K P Rajesh (Assistant Professor of History, NSS College, Manjeri)

4th July, 2021


Webinar on Intellectual Property Rights and Social Scientists


Dr. Sivadasan P (Professor, Department of History, University of Calicut)

23rd November, 2021






2. Archaeological Exhibitions

   a).  Explora la Praeterita I 

       Three day archaeological exhibition - 15th to 17, February 2022 

       Inaugurated by Prof. K Krishnan (renowned archaeologist and former Dean of the Maharaja   Sayajirao University of Baroda







b). Explora la Praeterita II

       One day exhibition of archaeological remnants from Fort Cochin – 24th March, 2022

       Inaugurated by Dr. V. Anil, (Principal, Maharajas College Ernakulam