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The state has an entrepreneurial culture, but it is restricted to a handful of sectors like tourism. The aim now is to replicate this success in other sectors like technology, high-tech agriculture and high-tech manufacturing in technology, the state is placing its bets on student entrepreneurship. World over, we have seen that students have led the best of innovation. Till date we have looked up to technical education and engineering colleges to bring innovative ideas and models that really work. But why cannot an arts and science college with so much of brilliance take up some idea that can bring out the intelligence in students. A lot of idle minds we see roaming in the campus. It’s high time that we find some right corners, spaces for them to bring out their hidden innate talents.
The startup centre of Maharaja’s was officially inaugurated through a webinar organised on 15th February 2021. The eminent entrepreneur and traveller Sr.Santhosh George Kulangara inaugurated. As an initial work a project proposal on ECO-GUARD- Jute Products initiated by the Jerin Tom of III BA History and Manumon K Mani of III BA Malayalam was sent to the stratup mission. Through this project we aimed at bringing together the artist, craftsmen, marketing potentials, entrepreneurs and future designers under one umbrella. As a follow up students were encouraged to participate in the Kerala Development & Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC) and it’s Young Innovators Programme. Initiatives are being taken to get registered as Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centres (IEDC).