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Pain and Palliative Club


            During the academic year of 2019-20 Maharaja’s College Pain and Palliative Committee organized various activities which aroused positive attitudes among the student members and teacher members of the Palliative club. More than hundred students enrolled in the club and they actively organized and participated programs such as awareness programs related to the notion and purpose of palliative activities, visit to the centers those who successfully and committedly rendering palliative activities, visit to Old age homes etc.,

Seminar on “ Swanthana Paricharanam, Asayavum Prayogavum” conducted on 26/11/2019 at Seminar hall, Department of Malayalam, Maharaja’s College. Dr. Ravi Diwakar, (Rtd. Professor of St. Alberts college,  President, Alpha Pain and Palliative, Centre, Kochi, was the resource person. Dr. Ravi Diwakar delivered lecture which was very detailed and informative regarding the notion of Palliative care and its effective application. He motivated student palliative members to participate palliative care activities. He also discussed their Student Palliative Club initiative.  More than seventy five students and twenty five teaching faculties were actively participated the seminar and following discussion.




On the 6th day of 2020 February Maharaja’s college Pain and Palliative club organized a visit to Alpha Pain and Palliative Centre, Kochi as an extension activity of the club. Twenty Palliative club student members joined the venture and four teaches were accompanied them.  The visit was a remarkable experience to the members of the club. The team spend two and half an hour there. The trained staffs of Alpha Pain and Palliative Centre, gave training in palliative care activities. The team got a chance to interact with the patients those who are presented there. The interaction with the Alpha volunteers and beneficiaries made great inspiration to the Palliative club members.


“Delight of Togetherness with Alpha” conducted on 20/02/2021 provides a unique experience to Maharaja’s fraternity.  This was the function to receive wheel chairs donated by Alpha Pain and Palliative Centre and express our gratitude for the same. Dr. Jayamol K. V. , Vice Principal of the college chaired the session and Governing council member Dr. Shajila Beevi , Dr. Priyesh, Convener of  Equal Opportunity Cell of Maharaja’s College, and representatives of student’s union jointly received the wheel chairs for the differently abled students of College.  


Palliative club student members and teachers visited Govt. Old age home, Thevara as the part of an extension program. For making the visit maximum fruitful the student members of the club conducted a campaign among the student and teaching community of the college for collecting necessary goods for the inmates of Old age home. They collected goods and donations from the fraternity and packed beautifully as their gift to the inmates of the Old age home. Visit conducted on 28/02/2020, fifty student members and four teachers participated. The team reached there by evening and handed over our gift and Rs. 4000/- for the expense of one day dinner to the authority. Members spend three hours there. Team members actively interacted with the inmates and student members entertained the inmates with various cultural activities. The visit made positive impact upon the members of the club.


Dr. Smitha T, M

Convener, Pain and Palliative Committee.