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Seminars and Workshops in the Last Five Years


          The department makes it a point to host 2-3 seminars and workshops on relevant and emerging topics/areas every academic year. Apart from these, the department conducted many academic workshops and brainstorming sessions in connection with the syllabus restructuring and implementation of the postgraduate in Mahatma Gandhi University and many other universities.

          Many eminent personalities from different universities have visited the department during the last five years. On 5 March 2015, the department conducted a one-day international seminar on recent developments in statistical theory. Prof. Malay Ghosh, distinguished  professor from the department of statistics at the University of Florida and Prof. A.M. Mathai, McGill University, Canada, delivered lectures. An international seminar titled ' Recent Developments in Statistics' was conducted in December 2015 and another  in December 2017. Prof. J. P Fine, the University of North Carolina, U.S.A. and Dr. Sudheesh Kumar Kattumannil, Indian Statistical Institute, Chennai, were the resource persons. In January 2018, the department conducted another international seminar named ‘Stochastic Orders-Characterizations and Sufficient Conditions'. Dr. Felix Belzuence, department of statistics and operations research, Murcia, Spain delivered lectures. Dr. William Meeker , Professor of Iowa State university U.S.A. delivered a lecture in the year  2019.