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Scientific temper : Mindset which enables one to follow a way of life that focuses upon the scientific method of understanding reality.

Critical and creative thinking : Capability to think rationally and reflectively.

Inclusiveness : Constant exposure to and interaction with disparate social strata for an inclusive mindset, ethical sensibility and greater social sensitivity and empathy.

Democratic practice and secular outlook : As envisioned by the Constitution of India.

Awarness of world affairs : Acquisition of knowledge of what is happening in immediate and far-flung places of the world.

Sense of equality, equity and environment : Ability to differentiate between pure equality, social equity and a heightened awareness of how human dialectically interact with environment.

Synergetic work culture : Capacity to work in groups and the attitude to consider larger goals greater than personal ones.

Emancipatory and transformative ideals : Attainment of cherished ideals of education for the eventual empowerment of humanity.






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