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Research Committee

Research Committee is functioning at college to coordinate and supervise entire research activities. The committee has been promoting research activities by undertaking various programmes. There has been a significant and continuing increase in research activity at all levels. The prime purpose of the committee is to increase the quality of Doctoral Research which is undertaken at Maharaja's College and encourage the research scholars to publish it in reputed journals. It is facilitating research scholars in learning to think in innovative and creative ways.

Convenor: Dr. Bindu Sharmila T K,  Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Research Programmes and Thrust Areas

Department of Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Economics, Philosophy, Hindi, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Arabic, English, Political Science, History, Botany, Commerce and Statistics offer Ph.D programmes.

Physics                       - Theoretical - Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos in couples map lattices, Stochastic Resonance, Synchronization in coupled systems and Chaos in Astrophysics.

Chemistry                 - Synthetic organic Chemistry & Inorganic Co-ordination Chemistry

Zoology                     - Dermatoghphics, Entomology, Ornaments Fishery, Butterfly diversity & life history, Toxicology etc.

Economics                 - Labour Economics, Entrepreneurship, Industrial economics, commodity Chain, Micro Credit, fisheries Economics, Environmental & Health Economics and Occupational Mobility.

Philosophy                - Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics and Mysticism, Ecophilosophy and Social Justice. Continental Philosophy, Analytical Philosophy and Indian Philosophy.

Hindi                          - Comparative Literature, Modern Poetry, Linguistics, Journalism and Satire.

Malayalam                - Linguistics, Feminism Sahithyam, Aesthetics and narratology.

Sanskrit                     - Edition of Krishnarjuniya & Sampathi Sandesa.

Arabic                        - Comparative Literature, Modern Poetry and Satire.

English                       - Post Colonial Studies, Literary Theory, Indian Aesthetics, ELT, Women’s Studies.

Political Science       -  Industrial Relations, Trade Unionism, Political Socialisation

History                      -  Peasant movements, History of science and technology, History of healthcare systems and folklore studies.

Commerce               -  Urban Infrastructure, Finncial markets, Accounting, Taxation, Behavioural finance, Tourism and event management, Marketing and human resource management.

Statistics                -               Distribution Theory, Reliability Analysis and Timeseries Analysis




List of seminars and worshops conducted during 2014 -19





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